ETA at the ITF England 2017 Competition

England Taekwon-Do Association was represented at the ITF England Championships 2017 on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October.  Association clubs attended the competition from as far as Newcastle to London.  The competition was held at the Royal Masonic School, Rickmansworth.

The black belt competition was held on Saturday 28th, which also included the national selection.  The colour belt competition was held on Sunday 29th.

A list of the medal winners are listed below.  Congratulations to all the medal winners.  For those who did not win a medal, better luck next time.  Just remember perserveriance and indomitable spirit.  England Taekwon-Do Association is very proud of you all.  Keep it up.



Hwa Rang – Newcastle
Name Rank Discipline Result
Bernadetta Maminska 1st Dan Sparing -62kg Bronze
    Power Bronze
    Special Techniques  Silver
Tatiana Zieetara 1st Dan Sparring +75kg Gold
    Power Silver
Agnieszka Rzetelna 1st Kup Power Gold
    Sparring -65kg Gold
 Rafal Kaminski 1st Kup  Patterns  Silver 
    Sparring +85kg Silver
    Sparring – Veterans Gold
Piotr Urban 6th Kup Patterns Gold
    Sparring +85kg Silver
Abigail Scott 7th Kup Sparring – under 13 yrs  Bronze 
Stasiu Zarzycki 8th Kup Sparring – under 13 yrs Silver
Mariusz biziewski 3rd Dan Power Gold
    Sparring -78kg  Silver 
    Special Techniques Silver
    Patterns Silver


The North Horangi – Newcastle

Name Rank Discipline Result
Daniel Wieczorkowski 3rd Dan Sparring – veterans -78kg Gold
    Patterns Gold
    Special techniques Gold
Debora McArdle   63kg Sparring veterans Gold
    63kg Patterns veterans Gold
Noorul Syed   -83kg Adults Patterns Gold
    -83kg Adults Power Silver
    -83kg Adults Sparring





Bernards Taekwon-Do Academy

Name Rank Discipline Result  
Ruben Williams  3rd Dan Sparring Gold  
    Patterns Gold  
    Special techniques Silver  
Keira Hodgett   Patterns Gold  
    Sparring Silver  


Docklands Taekwon-Do

Name Rank Disipline Result  
Isobel Brider   Patterns Gold  
Karanja Yorke   Sparring Gold  
Chris Riley   Sparring Gold  
    Patterns Bronze   
Eryk Kopan   Sparring Silver  
    Patterns Silver  
    Power Bronze  
    Special Techniques  Gold  
Malgorzata Lazowska   Patterns Silver  
    Sparring Bronze   


McKnight Taekwon-Do School

Name Rank Discipline Result  
 Kevin Ranada   Sparring  Silver   
 Kristopher Ranada   Sparring  Gold